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Amy Clark

Kitchen Caper part deux

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Collaboration Project--Kitchen Caper

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Fifth Graders on Tank Hill!

Book Buddies, Book Projects, Marin Headlands, Sailing, and the Kitchen Sink!

Creativity Museum!

Portfolio Night, and a special guest (Sam Adams!)

Poetry in the Galleries, and some Colonial family introductions...

Columbus on Trial! Plus book buddies, MoAd, Friday Sing

Taino/Columbus Encounter Illustrations

Writer's Workshop, Mixtures and Solutions, and Math Miscellany

How do we separate the dry mixture? Students had to work in groups to design an experiment to separate diatomaceaous earth, gravel, and salt.

Launch of Social Studies: Regions and States, starring New England!

A mixture can be separated with a screen or a filter, but how about a salt water solution?

Science: Mixtures and Solutions

Science: Mixtures and Solutions

Half-Me Partner Activity: Building Community!

Parallel and series circuits

Pilgrim Project Sharing: so fascinating to learn about our histories, commonalities, differences

Wells Fargo Museum

Static Electricity: Electrons on the Move

Sharing westward expansion projects

Gold Rush Games! Thanks Ms. Burwell and parent volunteers!

"Force": how many washers does it take to break the force between two magnets? How about if they are farther apart? Predictions, collecting data, controlled, multiple trials, finding the median.

Working toward next Friday's research deadline

Working on "laundry drafts," our word for this stage of the writing process where we put all the parts in order and figure out what needs more.

Birchbark House read aloud final project-how did your character change? The historical novel, by Louse Erdrich, chronicles the story of an Ojibway girl, a survivor of smallpox, in 1847. It touches on themes of mountain men, Anishinabe family life through the seasons, myths and stories, broken treaties, and European/indigenous contact and change.

Today's Magnetism Discoveries

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Restorative Justice circle: our values and commitments in the circle

Restorative Justice circle: our values and commitments in the circle

Productive Struggle with "scale"--how do we figure out all of the possible enclosures for elephants at the zoo with a total of 1800 square feet?

What happens when two or more magnets come in contact?

Bringing our Research into the Lab: Manifest Destiny Debate!

Launch of Magnetism and Electricity!


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DeYoung Museum

DeYoung Museum

Stream Tables

Stream Tables

Book Group Presentations: Phantom Tollbooth

Book Group Presentations

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Magnetic fields go through objects

San Francisco Arts Festival at the Asian

Naturebridge 2015