Count Me In! Parties

Need a Party? Throw a Party!

Grattan's famous "Count-Me-In" parties are a super fun way to raise money for our school and enjoy time with other Grattan families! And now is the time to submit your party ideas to the CMI team. Whether you'd like to share exotic cuisines, have a skill you can teach, want to go out on the town with some friends (or make new ones!)—just about any idea can be a great excuse for a Count-Me-In.

Here's how it works: Grattan families host social events and cover all costs of hosting—you can host on your own or team up with other families and co-host. The CMI team helps you refine your idea and select a workable date, markets the event, and sells tickets. All proceeds from ticket sales go to Grattan!

Examples of past CMI events: moms' night out at Reverie, tequila tasting and dinner, scavenger hunt for kids, tour of SPCA, hair braiding workshop, family picnic and hike, game party, moms' movie night, 80s dance party, s'mores on the beach, camping trip, Giants game... and many, many more!

If you're not sure how to turn your idea into a CMI, just send an email to and we'll talk you through it! If you have an idea for an event, please complete this form. We're taking submissions until February 23, so don't delay!