Fundraising FAQs


Grattan PTA Budget/Fundraising FAQs


Why We Raise Funds

The educational opportunities at Grattan Elementary School go far beyond the basics and cost a lot more than the limited programming funds accessible via the California state budget alone.  Grattan receives funds from the District, but these cover only the bare minimum needed to run a school.

To maintain the quality and depth of the programs at our school we need the support of our entire school community to raise approximately $314,000 during the 2016-2017 school year.


What does the District money cover?

The money Grattan receives from the District covers:

  • 1 principal
  • 1 secretary
  • 17 teachers
  • A Student Advisor
  • An Inclusion Consultant
  • Professional Development Release Days
  • Classroom supplies


What does the 2016-17 $314,000 get us?

  • An additional 4/5 teacher to reduce class size
  • A full time computer tech consultant 
  • A full time gross motor consultant
  • A literacy support consultant
  • Instructors for gardening, storytelling, and library time
  • Field trips (including overnight trips for 4th and 5th grades)
  • Additional learning materials for the class rooms, and much more


$314,000 is a lot of money.  Have we always raised this much?

Funding for public education in California began decreasing in the early to mid 2000s.  In San Francisco, the District reduced the total funds provided to Grattan (and at nearly all SFUSD schools) every school year from 2007-2008 to 2013-2014.  Grattan’s District budget for 2015-2016 is the same as the previous year.  This is the third time in seven years that Grattan has not received less than the prior year. 


Thanks to the hard work of the Grattan PTA and the Grattan community, we have been able to limit the impact of the District’s year-after-year reductions in funding and our children have continued to benefit from an enriching school environment well beyond what can be provided by classroom teachers alone.


While the public funding situation is slowly improving, funds are allocated based upon a formula that considers the socio-economic demographics of the school population.  Because the demographics at Grattan have changed significantly in the last ten years, there has been a corresponding drop in available public funds.


How Does Grattan Determine How The PTA Funds Will Be Used?

Each year, Ms. Walter works with the PTA and the School Site Council (SSC) to consider funding priorities for the following school year based on analysis of student achievement data.  Both the PTA and the SSC seek input from the community (at PTA meetings and through surveys or outreach sessions) during the budgeting process. 


How Does Grattan Raise $314,000?

Grattan’s fundraising goals are accomplished primarily through:

  • The Annual Campaign. The annual Campaign is our main fundraiser, with a goal of raising $265,000.
  • Events.  Community-based events – such as Film Fest, Count-Me-Ins, the Spring Fun Run, and Fun Fest – help us raise approximately $35,000.
  • Shop & Earn. Our fundraising goal through these programs – with companies such as Amazon, and relationships with local merchants and restaurants – is to raise $10,000.



Why an Annual Campaign (instead of some mega event)?

In past years, Grattan held a number of smaller fundraising events, including wrapping paper and cookie dough sales and a silent auction at the Fun Fest, and there was less focus on the Annual Campaign.  But, we found that our community members (both those members who gave their money multiple times and those who organized each event) felt overloaded by the number of events and the amount of work involved to make everything come together.  The PTA decided to focus on the Annual Campaign as the prime fundraising effort, which allows for the Film Fest and the Fun Fest to be community events without significant fundraising goals. 

As the Annual Campaign is our primary fundraising strategy, our goal is for every family to participate at whatever level they are able.  We are all part of the Grattan community and can show our support for all of our children with a contribution to the Annual Campaign.


How can I make a donation? 

  • Monthly or one time donation. You can make a tax deductible donation by check (make it out to the Grattan PTA) or by credit card/PayPal through the Grattan site ( On the site, you can make a one-time donation or set up an automatic donation each month via PayPal.


  • Encourage friends and family. Encourage your family and friends to support public education by donating to Grattan. Reach out to your Annual Campaign grade level lead or for ideas on how to ask.


  • Corporate matching. Check with your employer to see whether your company matches charitable contributions.  Many businesses are very generous matching their employee's non-profit donations, perhaps yours is too!  Also, employers of family and friends that donate can also match their gifts to Grattan.


In case you didn't get that: Donations to Grattan can be made any time. Simply send a check made out to Grattan PTA to Grattan PTA, 165 Grattan Street, San Francisco, CA 94117. Or drop cash or a check in the black box on the wall of the office. Or, head over to our Annual Campaign page and make a donation right now!