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About the PTA

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The Grattan PTA supports so many of the programs that make our school special: our class-size reduction teacher, our one-of-a-kind computer lab, Doris the Storyteller and our extraordinary gardening program, plus the library and leveled book room, teacher stipends, field trips, and so much more!



The best way to tap into Grattan communications and volunteer opportunities is to sign up with Konstella! Click on the K at the right and request to join the Grattan Konstella community. Once you're approved, you'll receive our weekly newsletter, as well as regular PTA emails and room parent communications containing important announcements and information. Sign up for events and committees, stay in touch with other parents, and manage your privacy settings. (We promise we'll never share your contact information with any other entities.) You can use Konstella online or download the app to your tablet or smartphone.



The PTA is a forum for exchanging ideas; members are encouraged to share their suggestions, concerns and experiences. You can also ask questions or share what's on your mind via email—important contacts are listed on the right.



Foundations, the school district, and the community want to know if parents are involved. The more members we have, the more support we receive from the outside world. Try joining using the PayPal button on the right, or visit the school office with a check or cash. And everyone is welcome at our PTA meetings!



There are so many ways to help our school and our students! Check out our Volunteer Page or join Konstella!

Meet the Board

board photo board photo board photo board photo
Whitney Thornburg
Michelle Bennett
Executive VP
Amit Bansal
Lauranne LoSpalluto
board photo board photo board photo board photo
Dorothee Poetter
Vice President of Fundraising
Annie Jones
Assistant VP of Fundraising
Emily Ellingson
Historian & Financial Secretary
Annette Molinaro
board photo board photo board photo board photo
Ringae Nuek
Vice President of Communications
Jessica Meyers
Assistant VP of Communications
Kristina Kim
Vice President of Volunteers
Nada Perrone
Assistant VP of Volunteers

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Click on the K logo below and request to join the Grattan Konstella community!

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