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GASP: Grades 1-2




GASP first and second graders begin their afternoon with recess. From 1:50-3:30pm, after Attendance Circles, 1st and 2nd graders can be found on the Middle Play Yard engaged in free play, hanging from the monkey bars, playing a game of wall ball or catch with teachers, or doing a creative activity with our art teacher. Weather permitting, GASP 1-2 kids can have their Enrichment (3:30-5pm) outside doing a sport, and often, at 5pm, you can find them playing an organized sport game on the upper yard 3rd–5th graders and teachers. On Fridays, 1st and 2nd graders often spend recess at Grattan Park, swinging, climbing and running around the grassy field.



Parents may choose to sign up their student(s) for GASP’s Homework Club, as well as select the days of the week they wish their child(ren) to attend – for example, Monday-Thursday, or just Monday and Tuesday. Homework Club runs from 2:10-3:10pm, allowing students to still have some recess before snack at 3:30pm. Most students work on completing just the daily portion of their packet, spending between 30-60 minutes in Homework Club per day.

GASP highly encourages families to spend a little time each evening reviewing their student’s homework with them to ensure that it is complete and correct; also, there are often assignments that are specifically intended for students to do with their families at home, so be sure to check!



Monday through Friday from 3:45-4:45pm, students choose an Enrichment activity for the day. GASP staff work with a group of about ten students leading activities ranging from arts and crafts to physical games, garden/outdoor education and/or cooking to chess club, creative writing to science and much more. Activities take place in various rooms or locations, such as the middle yard, Studio, Garden, Oasis (outdoor class room), and regular classrooms. 1-2 Staff often collaborate on Enrichment activities and share space for a combined activity, for example, art in the garden. We also offer free choice indoor activities where students have a choice of drawing, reading, board and card games, Legos or other type of building activities.


1-2 schedule