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GASP: Grades 3-5




To transition from the school day, the 3rd-5th graders begin their GASP day with recreation. They circle up on the Upper Play Yard for Attendance and Announcements at 1:50pm, and then it’s Recess time until 3:00pm (3:30pm on Fridays), when we have a daily organized sporty game including but not limited to soccer, football, dodgeball, baseball, and pickle. Other activities include shooting hoops, playing tag, chilling out in the Oasis, or doing a creative activity like lanyards or art. The end of the day frequently finds students and staff back out on the yard playing another game, shooting hoops, mixing it up with the 1st and 2nd graders, hanging off the monkey bars, taking in the fresh air and being kids.



Students spend approximately an hour per day, Monday through Thursday, engaged in academic endeavors, including homework completion, daily reading, journaling, plus current events research and typing practice on Chromebooks.

Students are grouped into cohorts with a dedicated staff, aka Program Leader; they work independently or in small groups, receiving support from their GASP leader as needed. GASP staff work closely with school day teachers and staff to communicate about student needs and collaborate on student support strategies. GASP does not guarantee that all students will complete all of their homework all of the time and we highly encourage families to establish a regular routine of checking in with their student about homework each night.

Mr. Draven Lee, a Grattan Third Grade teacher, is GASP’s Academic Liaison, facilitating communication and homework expectations between school day teachers and GASP staff, by arranging and providing trainings for GASP staff on Classroom Management, Math Strategies, and more, and by running our Tutoring program for Third, Fourth and Fifth grade students.

Students identified as needing additional supports via class-wide SST (scoring below basic on reading and math but not already receiving supports via IEP process) are eligible to receive tutoring through GASP. Students receiving tutoring are grouped according to level in Math or Reading and meet weekly as a small cohort for 25 minutes over the course of the school year to strengthen and improve skill level. Tutoring takes place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, from 3:30-5:30pm in the Grattan Library.



Monday through Thursday, from ~4:10-5:00pm, students either do Enrichment with their Program Leader and cohort, combined with the other cohorts and Leaders in their grade-level, or in partnership with a Leader and cohort of another grade level (3rd-5th), in their GASP classroom, the Cafeteria, on the yard, or at Grattan Park. Enrichment Activities can vary widely and can include physical games, science projects, journalism, art, cooking, and much, much more.

On Fridays from 3:30-5:00pm, students get to do Fabulous Friday Clubs. Clubs operate on six week rotations, with five sessions over the course of the school year. Club offerings vary from session to session, with some favorites repeating, and almost always include some sort of cooking, art, science, sports, and games variation. Clubs offered depend on student and staff interest, as well as staff experience and expertise, space availability and the weather.

3-5 schedule

GASP staff are required to pass background and health screenings, and to have a minimum background of Child Development units and experience working with children/youth, and they receive on-going evaluation and professional development. GASP staff work together as a team, each one bringing their unique background and interests to balance and enrich the program and the children’s experiences.

The GASP staff utilize the following tools in working with students, building community and resolving conflict:

* The Grattan Way & Caught-In-The-Acts
* Restorative Practices