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GASP: Kindergarten




Recreation for Kindergarteners takes place on the K/Pre-K Yard from 1:50-3:30pm daily, where they have access to the climbing structure, the sand box, an appropriately sized basketball hoop, plus room to run and climb around. Staff supervise, initiate, and participate in games with the students, including jumping rope, shooting hoops, and doing creative activities. At 5pm, Ks join 1-2s on the Middle Yard, or chill out in the Fungeon (Room 114), with drawing supplies, building materials, etc.



Academics consists mostly of Story Time, a daily feature where students gather on the rug to listen as a staff reads a story aloud, pausing to show pictures, ask questions, check for understanding, and allow students to participate and express ideas. Story Time is also a great way for students to transition from recess on the play yard to enrichment activities in the classroom, (and for staff to set up those activities!) Students also focus on developing and refining the motor skills they will need as they begin to write.



Monday through Friday from 3:30-4:45pm, students go into their respective class rooms or a multi-use space for Enrichment activities which can include arts and crafts, science, cooking, gardening, movement and yoga, and much more. Students not involved in the activity of the day have the opportunity to select a free choice activity set up in the room, including dramatic play, reading, Legos, blocks or other type of building/construction play, drawing, board and card games, Playdough or other hands-on tactile material.


K schedule