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Meredith Charpantier - Grade 4/5 Locker

Meredith Charpantier - Grade 4/5

Revolutionary War Sites

IXL Math  sign in 

IXL  4th grade math   IXL 5th grade 

username - your first name, last initial 677

WestWard Expansion - Manifest Destiny



Down load the copy to your google doc account.  


Then use it as a format guide to begin type your final draft 

Opinion Letter Writing Resources

More Video and Documents Resources for Persuasive Letters  listed by your topics


Anchor Charts and Sentence Starters


ICE Incorporate Evidence


global issues news source for kids 


Bill Search - to find if there is a bill being considered related to your topic


PHIL TING SF 19th district representative 









3 States Games to Play for 10 -15 min per day if possible

SFUSD PRIDE DINNER @ Aptos M.S. Thurs. Oct 15 @ 5:30
PRIDE CLUB meets Wed. at lunch in B/A


I am so touched and appreciative about the donations that are coming in.

I truly LOVE the books, but also desperately needed the office supplies that make teaching work.

THANKS IMMENSELY for all your donations!!! Keep 'em coming!!!

Bungalow A's School Supply Wish List

Back to school night Letter


In Language Arts, we focus on Lucy Calkin’s Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop model, which allows each child to access the strategies of successful readers and writers at their level and pace.  Writer’s Workshop develops writing skills in all areas of writing, including narratives, responses to literature, research reports, and persuasive essays.  


In Social Studies and Science this year, we will be focusing on the 5th grade standards.  

This includes United States History, and the scientific exploration of Water on Earth, Mixtures and Solutions, and Living Systems.  Since the 5th graders studied 4th grade content last year, they will be fully prepared for the standardized science test at the end of the year.


In Math, students rotate to grade level math classes.  The math rotations also regroup students with their grade level group, reunite them with classmates from previous years, and give them a little taste of middle school style rotation to specialized teachers.  



I am looking for volunteers to help at various times during  the week. I would welcome morning math volunteers  to help facilitating math games and support independent work. I am also looking for art and science volunteers Thursday and Friday afternoons, homework checkers on Friday mornings and keeping up with copying on Tuesday afternoons. I invite you to join us for walks up to Sutro Heights and Tank Hill, and as chaperones on any of the many field trips we’ll be going on.  If you are interested please indicate your interest on the sign-up sheet or send me an email. (


I would like one room parent from each grade to help organize class activities, field trips and class parties and to help me with outreach and communication. If you are interested in being a 4th or 5th grade room parent- please let me know!



I have a wishlist of  items I am looking to acquire for the classroom, if you can help out. I have created an Amazon wish list to keep up with our consistent needs.  Amazon wishlist name: Bungalow A



You can communicate directly through the Grattan site, or email me at send a note via your child, or call the office to ask Karen to leave a note in my box.


I am always happy to sit down with you to talk about your child or any concerns you may have.  Thank you for the support you give to your child, the school and our classroom. We are off to a great year of learning together.

Thank you so much!


Homework Policy 4/5


First and foremost, homework teaches responsibility and organization, and promotes positive study routines. It reinforces skills and strategies learned in class. Our goal is to prepare your child for middle school and beyond. Homework will not be graded or returned, as it is not an authentic assessment. We rely on in-class assessments, both formal and informal, and will be sending home assessment folders periodically (about once a month) with work from class and rubrics or other feedback.


When and what?

Your child has received a planner, in which they will write their assignments for the week. There is always regular homework Monday through Thursday, with very few exceptions. From time to time there will additional projects, or your child may be asked to complete work if they did not use their time wisely in class. Please remind them to check in before the end of the day if they have questions--we take the time to explain assignments and want them to be successful! Homework should be no more than an hour or so a night, plus reading 20-30 minutes



  • Reading 20-30 minutes/night, completing the reading log, and getting an adult signature once a week

  • Poem of the week--read the poem aloud twice and get adult initials. Students will also be asked to respond to the poem in their journals in a meaningful way each week..

  • 10 minutes of typing a night/40 minutes a week on Fifth graders should already have accounts, and we’ll send home more information for incoming students. Cursive is no longer taught in California in general, but we encourage kids to use it if they like it, and lots of resources and models are available online or stores such as Target.

  • Current Events--students will be asked to pick an article of interest to them, or on a theme, each week. They complete a “fact/feeling” sheet in which they pull out important facts and details from the article, write how they feel or what they think of the facts, and write a summary paragraph.  or are good places to start, and print articles are also fine. If your child can’t print the article, they should write the complete reference including source, title and date at the top.

  • Writer’s workshop homework: students are asked to write for 10-15 minutes nightly. They should have a “to-do” assignment box at the top of their idea journal writing, or they can start a new piece. The teacher will let the students know if there is a special writing assignment that day or if they need to complete something from class.

  • Math homework is assigned daily and will be taped or written on the left-hand page of that day’s math journal entry. The work and notes on the right side were done in class and will be connected to and guide  the homework.

  • Each teacher may also assign additional social studies or science homework from time to time at their discretion.


If your child is using their time wisely, staying on schedule and working each night, and is still doing significantly more than an hour (not including reading), write us a note and we can modify the homework. But it’s important to establish a routine and help them get organized so they do the best they can. Homework is checked for completion daily.



Homework is generally assigned at the beginning of the day or period, so if your child is tardy or absent, it is their responsibility to check in about missing assignments. Classmates will have them written in their journals and planners. Please remind them so they don’t fall behind! If you have a planned absence we will do our best to help them in advance--we may not be able to do it in a meaningful way last-minute.


Late Homework

Students with a 100% homework record will be invited to lunch bunch with their teacher once a month. Late homework should be completed the next day, and if it’s still not in by the following Monday we send home an incomplete slip either by paper (please sign and return) or email (please respond with a “yes we got it”) so we know we have a communication loop. They can ask us if they have any questions about assignments, and if they have further questions or you want information on how to support them please let us know and we will do our best to help. Again, we want them to be successful!


How to help

Building independence and organizational skills are our main goals with homework. The planner, homework structure, journal set-up, and regularity of routines are important tools. We’ll be sending home a separate sheet on ways to talk to your students about math, and some resources for you if you want to learn more about common core math.



  • do their homework for them :)

  • expect it to be error-free when it is passed in

  • let them bring heavy books or binders they don’t need back and forth if they are not needed



  • help them build regularity of routines so it doesn’t become too stressful

  • encourage thoughtful effort and help them set meaningful goals

  • check their planners and reading logs

  • ask them to explain their assignments to you in their own words

  • help them make sure they have it each morning in their backpack

  • go through their backpacks with them from time to time to clean out heavy junk they don’t need

  • remind them to ask questions of their teachers in a timely way if they have them, or shoot us an email


We’ll be building all these skills all year, and will start checking homework week two of school. Week one, please make sure all paperwork is completed so we don’t have to bug you and we have what we need to keep your child safe, learning and growing! A successful communication loop helps us solve problems and keeps kids on track.  


Thanks for your support,

The Four/Five Team

Mayumi Omi's Treasure Island Sailing Center Photos

    Westward Expansion Game

    National Geographic Game  

    Explore the Lewis and Clark expedition to open the west.

    EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES- spelling & math games online

    Sticky Situation


    Harlem Hopscotch


    One foot down, then hop! It's hot.

             Good things for the ones that's got.

    Another jump, now to the left.

             Everybody for hisself.

    In the air, now both feet down.

            Since you black, don't stick around.

    Food is gone, the rent is due,

             Curse and cry and then jump two.

    All the people out of work,

            Hold for three, then twist and jerk.

    Cross the line, they count you out.

             That's what hopping's all about.

    Both feet flat, the game is done.

    They think I lost. I think I won.


    POETRY ARCHIVES 2015-2016


    Dirty Face


    Where did you get such a dirty face,

    My darling dirty-faced child?

    I got it from crawling along in the dirt

    And biting two buttons off Jeremy’s shirt.

    I got it from chewing the roots of a rose

    And digging for clams in the yard with my nose.

    I got it from peeking into a dark cave

    And painting myself like a Navajo brave.

    I got it from playing with coal in the bin

    And signing my name in cement with my chin.

    I got it from rolling around on the rug

    And giving the horrible dog a big hug.

    I got it from finding a lost silver mine

    And eating sweet blackberries right off the vine.

    I got it from ice cream and wrestling and tears

    And from having more fun than you’ve had in years.

    How to Eat a Poem

    Eve Merriam


    Don't be polite.

    Bite in.

    Pick it up with your fingers and lick the juice that

    may run down your chin.

    It is ready and ripe now, whenever you are.

    You do not need a knife or fork or spoon

    or plate or napkin or tablecloth.

    For there is no core

    or stem

    or rind

    or pit

    or seed

    or skin

    to throw away.



    Open a book



    Open a book

    and you will find,

    people and places of every kind;

    Open and book

    and you can be,

    anything you want to be;

    Open a book

    and you can share,

    wondrous words you find in there.

    Open a book

    and I will too,

    you read to me

    and I’ll read to you