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Getting to School

Safe Routes to School

The first Friday of every month is Car(bon) Free Fun Friday at Grattan! Check the Bee for information about our Bike Trains and Walking School Buses. You can also check out this map from Safe Routes to School. Each month, the classroom with the highest rate of participation receives the Golden Sneaker Award!

Stop Drop & Go

This is an updated reminder about our community expectations around morning drop-off. Remember that the ultimate goal of STOP DROP & GO is to provide a safe way for our students to exit their cars and enter the school grounds.

DO: Approach the white bus zone on Shrader Street facing north toward Grattan. Never come from the opposite direction and make a u-turn at the corner. We suggest that you drive to 17th Street and turn down the hill on Shrader to approach the school, which will be on your right.

DON’T: Drop off your child on the opposite side of the street!

DO: Yield to pedestrians. Many of our families walk to school, and the crosswalks will be full at drop-off time.

DO: Drive slowly and wait in line along the bus zone.

DON’T: Cut around and into the line at the middle.

DO: Wait for Philip or other adult helpers to open the door for you. We will open your door right around the area of Shrader Street Gate.

DO: Get hugs and kisses out of the way before your child exits the car.

DON’T: Get out of the car to help your child. Don’t put things in your trunk. We want to keep our line of cars moving fluidly.

DO: Keep conversations and small talk to a minimum, as we are trying to keep the line moving. Chit-chat will hold things up.

DON’T: Dart out of the line. Instead, please wait for the car in front of you to drive away before you take off. ALWAYS check your side-view mirror and look behind you before re-entering the driving lane on Shrader Street. Avoid close calls.

DO: Be very mindful of the buses.

DON’T: Park in the white zone, even after the 7:50 bell, since we have several Special Education buses that drop off throughout the morning.

DO DO DO: Arrive to the Stop Drop & Go service between 7:30 and 7:50 a.m. Do NOT wait until the last minute to arrive to school. There is no congestion at all as late as 7:45. Service ends at 7:50 so staff can begin our instructional program.

DON’T: Freak out or sweat the small stuff. If you are going to have to get a late slip once, don’t increase the impact on your child by stressing out. They feel and absorb that energy. Keep Calm and Carry On.

We’re all in this together!